ATTENTION: Any parent-to-be feeling worried, scared or flat-out unprepared...
Revealed: The #1 Easy Way to Take Away the Confusion, Worries and Concerns of Caring for Your Newborn
Plus over 357 Other Essential Things 
a New Mommy Must Know
If you’re on this site now, you are likely one of hundreds of thousands of expectant mothers all around the world on the verge of bringing your child into the world. And if you’re anything like most new moms? The anticipation makes you feel…
Vulnerable, Anxious and
 Horribly Unprepared
If that sounds like you, read every word of this letter. I’m about to share something that will make your life as a new mom not just easier, not just safer, but even more incredibly fulfilling.
Before we get to that, let’s have a little fun.
1. What is the first thing you should do if you spot an unusual rash on your child’s face?

2. Should you use a pacifier? If not, what can soothe your baby instead?

3. When is it safe for your child to get the flu vaccine?

4. What is the #1 best way to get your baby into a regular sleep cycle?
Now, be honest… could you answer all of those right off the bat? 
If you’re anything like most people you’d be lucky to get even ONE of the answers correct.
And that’s amazing, isn’t it? Even with all the bestselling books out there, with all the websites and forums stuffed full of information...most new parents-to-be are fairly clueless about even the most basic stuff.But you know what? It’s not your fault. After all:
Who can you really TRUST to give you
up-to-date, medically accurate advice?
If you’re anything like MILLIONS of other concerned parents across the globe, you may find yourself turning to:
As you know, Google sifts through millions of articles, forum posts and social media comments. And that means you’re at the mercy of hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of… 
Breastfeeding: 71,400,000 results - Croup: 6,160,000 results - Potty Training: 16,500,000 results - Vaccination: 63,400,000 results
Dry Drowning: 2,300,000 results - Ear Infections: 6,020,000 results - Anemia: 41,400,000 results - Car Seat Installation: 3,590,000 results
Infant Well Visits: 45,800,000 results - Lice: 58,700,000 results - Puberty: 24,000,000 results - Diarrhea: 37,000,000 results

Maybe you can relate:
When A Simple Google Search
S t r e s s...
So you grab your smartphone and start typing with your free hand while your baby screams in your other arm. And you find it. Sweet salvation. A forum thread all about babies that won’t stop crying. What a relief! So you scan through, you can’t wait to see what other parents are doing.
And then...
Rut-roh. Turns out this could be SERIOUS. This was not the news you were looking for.

Now what?

Wait, here’s another article on WebMD. This site looks pretty trustworthy.
Hmmm… yes… this sounds ok. It’s not as bad as you thought. 

“I can deal with this.” you think.

And that’s when you face the Google Search Dilemma.

Your baby is red-faced, crying and no matter what you do, you just can’t get her to stop.
You’re worried she’s in severe pain.
You’ve tried feeding her, you’ve tried rocking her, you’ve tried distracting her. You’re fresh out of ideas.

Who do you believe? Who do you trust?

Most parents tend to lean toward the ‘good’ option. But at the back of your mind you’re thinking “what if…

What if your baby needs a doctor?

Who do you believe? Who do you trust?

Most parents tend to lean toward the ‘good’ option. But at the back of your mind you’re thinking “what if…

What if your baby needs a doctor?

Better get on the waitlist. But you can’t wait until then. You need answers NOW.
Or maybe you just sit on your research, afraid to tell your partner. You may even lie awake at night (more than usual) worried your child could be seriously ill.

That’s the reality for most parents across the country. From my perspective, the Internet is doing more harm than good for new parents.

In fact, I did a quick Google search on a few baby topics and I’m STUNNED at the wrong-headed, false and dangerous information out there online.
Treating a bacterial pneumonia with essential oils could cause your baby to die.
Believing mis-representations such as this could lead you to make poor choices regarding vaccinating your child.
STOP! There is a Better Way...
In my practice, I see at least 30 children per day. And I LOVE meeting them and having fun and helping them. Their moms and dads have come to trust that “Dr. Cliff will know”.

Yet, privately there was one thing that literally kept ME awake at night.

It all started one day in the middle of another jam-packed schedule with my patients. Another day helping parents know what to do when:
  •  Your baby seems to cry more than usual…
  •  How to get your child into a consistent sleep cycle (so you can FINALLY have a good night’s rest)
  •  Should they suck their thumb… a pacifier... or what?
  •  How to know the “right” formula for your baby…
  •  And just what is it with that crying fit in the evening. On the brink of falling asleep they suddenly erupt like a volcano!
And as much as I LOVE what I do. I was getting frustrated. 

Worse than that, I felt like I was letting too many people down.

The ‘After 5pm’ Parents

It happens almost every day.
My last patient of the day leaves my office with their child. It’s usually just after 5pm.  

And THAT is when it happens…  They walk along the corridor, child in hand and then... suddenly… they stop dead in their tracks.  They close their eyes, let out a sigh and think, Oh no! I forgot to ask Dr. James…”

I call these moms and dads The After 5pm Parents.

Because their most pressing questions only occur to them after 5pm when they’re halfway out the exit door of my practice!

They’ll forget to ask questions, like:
  •  I think my child may have ADHD. How do I find out for sure?
  •  Is a temporal or ear thermometer better for taking a 2-year-old’s temperature?
  •  When can I start giving my baby peanut butter?
  •  Can infants get strep throat?
  •  How do I get my preschooler to let me brush her teeth?
But of course, they would have to book another appointment with me to get that answer they so desperately wanted. The truth of the matter was that:
I simply could not help all the people who needed me...

And that’s when I had a lightbulb moment!

You see, my waiting list is long. Very long.

And I began to notice a trend. New mothers and fathers would make an appointment with me and often ask the same questions.
  •  What is this flaky stuff on my baby’s head?
  •  Is this a cold or something worse?
  •  Should her poop be THIS color?
And there are dozens more of the same types of questions I would answer over and over again.
Now, that’s fine with me. But my patients are paying $80-$120 per visit. And as health costs continue to rise and co-pays and deductibles for insurance skyrocket, I began to think:
There has to be a better way...
A way I could help more people in less time...
It was a while ago, but that’s when my oldest son, Dalton told me about this new-fangled invention called The Internet.

Now, I’m not tech savvy by any means, but I know how to share advice and knowledge, I know how to help and guide people, putting their minds at ease. And you know what?
Now you don’t need to come to my office for me to do that!
*A Trusted Pediatrician In Your Pocket*
Have you ever bought one of those popular parenting books? Sure, you have. (And I’m
personally of the opinion that THE bestselling parenting advice book is full of garbage advice.  Dangerous garbage at that.)
Don’t you feel frustrated how each book’s advice seems to contradict another. Which is right? 

Or maybe you ask your friends for help. 
That’s fine too, but wouldn’t you rather have a qualified doctor’s insights? One who cares about your kids like they were his own? 
And as for Google, well, you already know how I feel about that. All of this is why I created... 
24/7 Access To Parenting Advice You Can TRUST
Help Mommy is available whenever you need it, wherever you are… on your phone, your tablet or your desktop computer.

Now you can access TRUSTED pediatrician's advice from the comfort of your own home…
And we’re constantly updating the video catalog to cover any and every possible question you could have. 

From current hot topics like vaccinations and fidget spinners for anxiety to the kinds of questions I get time and time again in my own office like sleep cycles and how to deal with a fever in your child.
Constantly updated and timely medical information
isn't something you can get from a book, can you?
Help Mommy is your digital pediatrician on demand. I can be right there with you, in your pocket whenever you need help or advice on subjects like...
My name’s Dr. Clifford James III, M.D. I am a board certified pediatrician practicing in Oak Ridge, TN.  

I have a great wife, Kristi and three boys, Dalton, Tyler and Kaden. I’m a family man and have a habit of treating my patients like they were my own children. 

Along with a thriving pediatric practice I'm also the author of
A First Time Parent's Survival Guide: A How-To-Manual for the First Two Years.

I love what I do and deep down I know… I was called to do this.
Yet, as you’ll see in just a second, the limitations of my profession have been bugging me for YEARS.

I’ve often felt I should be doing more and helping more people. Being a new parent is life changing and it can also be a scary, frantic time. But right now, I want to share with you dozens of ways you can enjoy these early, golden years FREE from worry and painful doctor bills.
A good pediatrician can be your child's strongest
advocate, choose wisely.
Yes, yes, we know there's a lot going on.  This is what you must figure out.
What are you supposed to do with this thing?
Don't worry, we'll help.
You thought sleeping was tough before the baby was born...
  •  What to do about the dreaded “ear pop” on a flight…
  •  How to prevent CHIGGERS and what to do to calm the itching…
  •  What to do if you accidentally injure your child (Tip: we’ve all done it and feels horrible. Here’s how to cope guilt-free)
  •  How to tell if a wound needs stitches…
  •  Brain Eating Amoebas! Should you be worried when your child is out swimming? Here’s the truth…
  •  Anemia is a hot topic in my office. It’s vital you recognize these symptoms… 
  •  #1 tip for keeping your car seats clean even if your children seem to leave behind a trail of filth wherever they go… 
  •  When to ‘bottle’ break your baby. Get this wrong and you’ll have to pry that bottle out of your baby’s grip… 
  •  Ever found yourself slipping into “Helicopter Parent Mode?” Here’s how to minimize those embarrassing, socially awkward lapses… 
  •  Find out when you can look forward to seeing that first baby tooth peeking through… 
  •  Why give hepatitis B vaccine at birth?
  • What to do if you accidentally injure your child (Tip: we’ve all done it and feels horrible. Here’s how to cope guilt-free)
  • What I REALLY think about pacifiers…
  •  How to survive getting home from the hospital. Believe me, you’ll be eager to get home and when you get there, things will never be the same again (in a good way!) Here’s what to look out for in those crucial first few days...
  •  Do you really need to spend time boiling water before you make your baby’s formula? The answer may surprise you…
  •  Can you pass cold sores to your kids?
  •  What happens in the hospital right AFTER you give birth...
  •  Help Mommy Hack: What to do if you forget your baby bottle brush…
  •  Bottle feeding your baby? Here’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever need to make…
  •  Stop diaper disasters: How to prevent your little boy from peeing all over you…
You'd cry too! Fight the rash the right way and relax.
This topic gets a lot of media attention, learn the facts not the hype.
Freaked by strange newborn sounds? Why you shouldn't worry.
Every child will get one, age doesn't matter. Be smart, be ready...
  •  Splish Splash! How to safely bathe a newborn…
  •  How to clean girl ‘parts’...
  •  The truth about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Sadly, I have seen several parents lose babies over the years to SIDS and if this video could somehow save just one parent from this heartbreak then the entire Help Mommy project would be worth it.
  •  Breastfeeding woes: how to prevent and treat painful breasts…
  •  4 essential items you need for your nursery…
  •  3 questions you must ask when choosing a pediatrician for your baby…
  •  The truth about sunscreen (and why your kids could be in danger even if you coat them head to toe in the stuff)
  •  How our bodies fight off disease and if we need vaccines to help…
  •  One simple trick to painlessly remove a bandaid. (You’ll save HOURS of tears, screaming and misery with this tip…)
  • Bottle feeding your baby? Here’s one of the hardest decisions you’ll ever need to make…
  •   How a quick change of clothes can prevent your newborn from getting sick…
  •   Do you have a baby with a constantly watering eye? Time to watch this video… 
  •   Why vaccines are given at different ages… 
  •   Keep the car running: Baby is making moves and it’s time to get to the hospital, here’s what you should pack and take with you...  
  •   Here’s exactly what should be in your baby’s medicine kit (what no new Mothers should be without)... 
  •   Is your newborn an odd yellow color? Could be jaundice. Here’s what you need to do...
  •   My thoughts on the HPV vaccine for boys…
  •   COLIC. How to deal with every parent’s nightmare. If your baby is screaming for several hours at a time. You NEED to watch this video.
  •  The dangers of Heat Stroke in babies
  •  How long is it appropriate to keep hand mittens on a newborn baby?
  •  Are accidents normal or the sign of a problem in the toilet training process? 
  •  Why should my son get the flu shot at the pediatrician’s office vs. a retail-based pharmacy? 
  •  Can I give my 5-year-old over-the-counter cough medicine? 
  •  My preschooler refuses to drink milk. What should we do?
Even if you’ve just had your third child and feel like you’re a veteran, it's guaranteed I can surprise you with new ways to make your life safer,
easier and full of JOY.
All illnesses suck.  The flu can be inconvenient and dangerous. 
Clumsy or athletic eventually your kid is going to hurt themselves.
These are the things you need to know about before they happen.
Information for all ages:
acne to zits and all things
You’re a first-time parent who is unsure, feels clueless and often downright scared of the responsibility of bringing new life into the world…

You don’t want to have to journey along the rocky road of parenthood alone…

You’re sick and tired of all the conflicting advice and, frankly, dangerous information in parenting books and websites...
Here's Everything You Receive Today!
Full access to the entire HelpMommy pediatric video library.
What Have Other Parents' Thought About
Frequently Asked Questions
Why did you do this project?
I really thought it was a good idea. It has been a lot of hard work and a huge investment in time and money, but I really think it will help parents. I hope it will help you.
How long is a lifetime subscription good for?
It will be good as long as the website exists. It’s hard to predict the lifespan of the Internet or my lifespan for that matter, but it will last as long as we can keep the site up and there is someone to pay the yearly fees.
What makes Dr. James qualified to give advice to parents?
Well I have been in pediatrics for the last 19 years, but I do have some additional qualifications. I have a medical degree, completed a residency in pediatrics, I am board certified in pediatrics, created a website on vaccines for patients and doctors to use and authored a parenting book, “A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How-To-Manual For the First Two Years.
Can I ask questions to Dr. James directly?
Not at this time, but who knows in the future. You are more than welcome to move to Oak Ridge, TN and become his patient, but his wife refuses to let him spend any extra time working. Feel free to go to the Kids Central Pediatric Facebook site to see what he is up to on a daily basis.
Are these all the videos there are going to be?
Not by a long shot. We have 300 videos at the moment and we are sure we will get requests for more along the way. We will be adding new videos weekly and updating videos as things change in the way we practice pediatrics.
Do you take requests for video topics or Why? Letter topics?
Yes! Feel free to send us a comment on the contact page or go to our Facebook page, and put in a comment on a post asking for a specific comment. Trust me, I read them all. No promise as to when I will get to it and I give preference to the topics that interest me most.
How will subscribing to save me money?
We hope to save you money in several ways.
A. We will try and give you enough information so you will need to buy fewer self-help parenting aids.
B. Give advice on what products to buy or more importantly on products not to buy to save you money.
C. Teach you to evaluate your child’s health better and give ways to self-treat to decrease the number of doctor visits needed and save money on co-pays.
A Sample of Videos Found on the Site
That’s ME, Dr. James, revealing ALL on any and EVERY “new mom” worry, concern or frustration you may have.
You can rely on me to tell you the unvarnished truth, to give you actionable advice you can use right away all without paying sky-high co-pay bills… waiting in line… or falling down the Google rabbit hole of conflicting (and dangerous) information.

And don’t worry, they are all easily found by age, ailment or season.
You also get...
My bestselling book, A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide: A How To Manual For The First 2 Years

Finally… a FUN read about the early years that is organized around your baby’s well visits AND is written to calm you down rather than scare you silly.

You’ll find out…
  •    Tips for finding a pediatrician you can trust…
  •   All about your newborn’s ‘plumbing’. Plus, should you circumcise or not?
  •   Feeding the lil’ monster. (The good and bad of breastfeeding, how to choose a formula and introducing solid foods…)
  •    Things that make you go YUCK! Your survival guide to pee, puke, poop and snot…
  •   PLUS: A month by month guide from birth --> 2 years. Keep this by your side (along with HelpMommy open on your iPad, obviously) and you’ll enjoy each and every moment of watching your child grow, smile and… poop. Well, nearly every moment.
PLUS you get my Pre-Natal Essentials video course
AND: The First 30 Days Video Course
Where I cover, you guessed it, the first 30 days of your new life with baby. In short, info-packed videos I cover everything from APGAR to breastfeeding to bringing baby back home from the hospital.
Let’s recap:
  •   You get FULL UNLIMITED ACCESS to’s catalog of videos...
  •  My bestselling book “A First Time Parents Survival Guide”...
  •  Essential PreNatal Basics video course...
  •  Access to Private FB Group with Weekly Live Calls...
  •  The First 30 Days video course...
“Sounds Amazing Dr. James!
But What’s The Price?”
Now, because I want Help Mommy to be affordable to every new mom (and dad) out there...and because I so desperately want it to bring peace of mind to new parents without the headache of rising co-pay bills...

I’ve priced Help Mommy affordably.
Because when you think you have to pay $80-$120 per sick visit Even at the regular price of $57 per month, a Help Mommy membership more than pays for itself. Who else wants answers to questions like these:
  •  When should I introduce wheat into my baby’s diet?
  •  Is it true that boys are usually toilet-trained later than girls?
  •  Is it safe for my child to eat sushi?
  •  I am getting remarried. What is the best way to blend our families?
  •  Do I need to keep my son home if he has pinkeye?
But because you’ve landed on this page right when we’ve just finished revamping the entire membership portal, I want to offer you something very special.

Right now, you can claim a spot inside Help Mommy, alongside hundreds of other newly relaxed moms and moms-to-be…
Just think... NOT sitting in "sick rooms", NOT taking time away from work, NOT agonizing whether to go to the Emergency Room at 3am, Not having to call the doctor's office as soon as you leave it because you forgot a question.
So let me ask you a question:
What’s it worth to you to enjoy total and complete peace of mind knowing your any and every question is answered inside Help Mommy?
What’s it worth to you to get on-demand advice from a trusted pediatrician... any time you need it?
And what’s it worth to you to know the health and happiness of your child has just been enhanced, secured and protected... no longer at the mercy of thousands of ‘fake news’ Google articles designed just to get clicks... sky high deductibles... or endless waiting lists...
You can RELAX. Your child is in safe hands because YOU took action today to get that extra layer of care to get answers to questions like.
  •  Should I sneak fruits and veggies into my preschooler’s food?
  •  My son gets car sick frequently. What can I do?
  •  Is a single chest x-ray too much radiation for a 1-year old?
  •  Does my child need dental sealants?
  •  What are the possible effects of secondhand smoke on infants?
That’s gotta be worth at least $67 a YEAR, hasn’t it?
Click the button below right now and you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to the Help Mommy membership portal AND all the bonuses…
Is one month less expensive than one doctor's visit?
Most likely... Yes!
The ‘Mommy’s Peace of Mind’
5-Way 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
I’m so certain you’re going to LOVE Help Mommy and use it every day as your child grows. Every challenge, every worry, every concern ANSWERED by me, Dr. James. That’s why I want to grant you the Help Mommy ‘Mom’s Peace Of Mind’ Guarantee:
  •  Mommy’s Peace of Mind Guarantee #1: If you don’t immediately feel a sense of RELIEF as soon as you log-in to Help Mommy I’ll refund your entire investment in Help Mommy ASAP.
  •  Mommy’s Peace of Mind Guarantee #2: If you don’t begin to feel more knowledgeable, clued-up and more of an all-round parenting expert within the first 30 days of going through the videos, tutorials and tools I’ll refund your entire investment in Help Mommy ASAP.
  •  Mommy’s Peace of Mind Guarantee #3: If you STILL find yourself falling down the Google Rabbit Hole when you need some advice, it means I’ve failed in what I set out to do and I’ll refund your entire investment in Help Mommy ASAP.
  •  Mommy’s Peace of Mind Guarantee #4: If you don’t want to share this with all your fellow moms within the first seven days of you seeing all the great content inside the membership area I’ll refund your entire investment in Help Mommy ASAP.
  •  Mommy’s Peace of Mind Guarantee #5: And finally...I don't want you WORRYING about the PAIN of getting your money back. I won't even charge your credit card until the first seven days are over!
You know it and I know it.
There’s a TON of misinformation out there.
Misinformation that could potentially harm your baby rather than help. You don’t just need answers, you need safe answers. Answers that help, not hurt:
  •  Can biracial children get sickle cell disease?
  •  My wife and I are on a gluten-free diet. Is it ok for our baby to also eat gluten-free?
  •  My daughter is extremely shy and anxious around strangers. How can I help her?
  •  Are blended smoothies good for my child?
  •  My daughter’s birthday is a few days before the kindergarten cutoff date. Should we hold her back?
  •  Is it safe for a baby to get the flu vaccine in March and April, and then get the next season's flu vaccine in August?
I treat every child as if they were my own.
And when they are sick that sometimes feels awfully close to the truth.
So join me and hundreds of other parents, won’t you?
Your baby is too precious to risk unintentionally putting him or her in harm’s way.
Let me help guide you through the uncertain waters of bringing up baby.
Trust me, don’t risk it. 
Many parents get in a lot of conflicting advice… scare tactics to make you buy the latest baby gadget… and out of date information that can be dangerous to your child’s health.
With Great Expectations for You and Your Newborn,

Cliff James, III

P.S. If you think about it, the average office visit is about $100. And that’s JUST FOR ONE!
For the tiny investment of just an ultra-affordable $7 a month or only $67 a year... you get access to a wealth of video tutorials... special reports... quick tips... A First Time Parent’s Survival Guide...     The Private FB Group with Weekly Live Calls...     the Prenatal Basics video course...    AND The First 30 Days Video course
If you think about it, that’s less than a quarter a day when you choose the annual plan!!

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